the first company ever to offer the direct installation service for its products


Founded in 1993, it was the first company ever to offer the direct installation service of its fire-resistant products, issuing the declaration of correct installation. Our company has grown over the years, also thanks to you, and today, we are able to give a strong sign confirming the fact that we always believe in innovation by offering you:
Study and customized projects for the creation of passive barriers in the civil, industrial and urban fields.
Construction and installation of our fire resistant products in the sectors: Hotel, Hospital, Office, Commercial, Public entertainment venues, School, Residential, Industrial.
High-performance products tested and certified according to the European Standard UNI EN-1366 for installation on both lightweight plasterboard walls and masonry walls and slabs. Suitable for flame sealing of passage holes of technological systems in compartmentation structures.
Certification, declaration of conformity and correct installation. Fire resistance tests and certifications of the product line.

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